Zilis Career Path
One of the most rewarding opportunities on the planet.


The success of our Ambassadors is our priority, and we have built our entire company around this philosophy. This reflects strongly in our uniquely designed Career Path. We offer a true 360° compensation plan with seven ways to get paid by building a loyal customer base. By combining the most powerful direct sales structures into one plan, we have created a strong recipe for our Ambassadors to achieve success.

This seamless, unlimited plan recognizes our Ambassadors as true partners in the business and gives them the potential to build a global business as the company expands into new international markets.


Pay It Forward. No three words invoke more feelings of possibility.


Our Ambassadors know that each order not only generates tremendous financial potential, but also helps change lives through the Pay It Forward nutrition program.

For every dollar of business volume, Zilis provides a daily supply of complete nutrition to a child in need. Our five-year goal through this program is to reach one million children a day.

Together, we can make this goal a reality.


It all happens when our Ambassadors build their business and pave a road to freedom with the compensation plan.


Paying it forward in more ways than one. 
No Compromise

Never sacrfice integrity for growth! This “no compromise” philosophy applies to our amazing products and our entire way of doing business. Zilis is committed to the long-term, so we take best practices seriously. That’s why your career path is based on a foundation of loyal retail customers. Our “one-stop shop” model provides your customers with one convenient location for all of their wellness needs. Unlike many overpriced direct sales programs, Zilis products are offered at affordable prices. The result is a long-term residual income resulting from customers who purchase through you time and again.

The Future

With our unique consumer-direct model, we have designed one of the most rewarding opportunities in the industry. Our brand provides better solutions in areas where people are already spending money on their lifestyle needs.
Over the coming years, we intend to use our unique business model to build the largest health and wellness company on earth.

Pay It Forward. No three words invoke more feelings of possibility. We invite you on the journey today.

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Three explosive industries.  One dynamic opportunity.
The Zilis Cloud

Zilis has invested in our proprietary Cloud technology to offer Ambassadors the most efficient business system in the industry. We offer Ambassadors two choices for their Cloud business management system.

The basic Cloud provides Ambassadors with standard access and features. This platform is designed primarily for those that want to focus on enrolling customers. It is generally not designed for team builders. This system is free to all active Ambassadors.

The Pro Cloud gives Ambassadors full access to our system and is designed for those who want to build a large organization of other Ambassadors. This sophisticated and advanced back office system uses cutting-edge technology to provide Ambassadors with analytics, marketing tools and other features to assist in growing and managing their Zilis business.

All references to income, implied or stated, through the Zilis Compensation Plan are for demonstration purposes only. Zilis does not guarantee any level of earnings or results to any Ambassador. Earnings from the compensation plan solely depend upon sales and each Ambassador’s skill, ability and personal application. Zilis reserves the right to modify the compensation plan without written notice.